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Oil Paintings
Gray Cranes
  Ocean View
  Beached Boat
Rocks 1
  Rocks 2
  Quiet River
Golden Hills 1
  Golden Hills 2
  Golden Hills 3
Spring Morning
  Bird's Heaven 1
  Vancouver Girl
Bird's Heaven 2
      Birtch Forest
Buddist Goddess of Music
  Corner of the Beach
  Dried River Gorge
  Ebbing Tide
Dry Lake
  Gladiola Bouquet
  Goddess Statue
Hydrangea from the Fence
  Lonely Egret
  Monochrome Lotus
Ocean Rocks
  Portrait of the Headmaster
  Red Lotus
  Riverside Rocks
  Rocks 3
Sleeping Lily
  Village Stream
White Lotus
  Wildflowers of the Riverbed
  Yellow Daisies
Zhou Zhuang Water Village 1
  Zhou Zhuang Water Village 2
  Zhou Zhuang Water Village 3
California Spring