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Watercolor Paintings
A Dish of Red Apples
  Fish on a Plate
  Wei Tribe Girl
Draft of an Autumn River
  Female Nude 2
  Female Nude
  Green Mangos
Lovers of the Lotus Pond
  Lotus and Egret
Prince's Feather and Cattails
  Red Apples 1
  Red China and Apples
Birds in Tree
  Flowers 1
  Flowers 2
Flowers 3
  Flowers 4
  Flowers 5
  Hundred Year Old Tree
Lotus 1
  Prince's Feather
  Nude Man
Old Auntie
  Old Uncle
Peaches and Curio
Persimmons and China
  Pink Mum
  Yellow Mum
Portrait of a Girl
  Portrait of Tu Jia Man
  Red Apples 2
After The Rain
  Newborn Generation
  Rocks 1 in Watercolor
Rocks 2 in Watercolor
  Rocks 3 in Watercolor
  Round Wine Pot
Shin Jan Young Man
  Twilight of the Riverside
  Starfruit and Guava
Sunset in San Jian Jiao Zhou
  Autumn Egret
  Yellow Mangos
Autumn Lotus
  Beauty of Autumn
  Bird's Heaven 3
Cranes 1
  Cranes 2
  Happy Little Birds

Nine Cranes


Snowy Cranes